Funeral Liturgy planning

Planning your Funeral Liturgy here at St. Aloysius:

  1. You may wish to give some consideration to the hymns or music you wish used during the Funeral Mass. Usually four hymns are chosen.
  2. You may wish to give some consideration to the Scripture Passages to be read during the Mass. Usually there is one reading from the Old Testament and one reading from the New Testament.
  3. Perhaps a family member or friend would be willing to read the Prayers of the Faithful during the Funeral Mass. Father Peter will show you suggested prayers or the family is free to compose their own.
  4. You may wish to give some consideration to who will bring up the gifts (bread, wine and water) during the Funeral Mass.
  5. You may wish to ask members of the family or friends who are Eucharistic Ministers to help with the distribution of the Body and Blood of Christ during the Funeral Liturgy. Other members of the family may wish to minister as Altar Servers.
  6. You may wish a member of the family or friend to deliver a Eulogy at the end of Mass, sharing with the community personal memories of the deceased loved one. Usually one person is asked to deliver the Eulogy.
  7. If a friend or family member is a priest or deacon, you may wish to ask them to join us for the Funeral Mass. A visiting priest is always welcome to celebrate the Funeral Mass and a deacon is welcome to deliver the homily.
  8. Will you need the ministry of our Parish Organist? Would you like us to obtain a soloist to lead the Congregation in song?
  9. Are there any special requests or needs you wish to bring to the attention of Father Peter when you meet with him?
  10. The Parish is now able to offer a simple brunch in our school cafeteria – a Celebration of Life brunch – following the Mass for your family and friends. There is no charge for the brunch. If your family wishes, you may make a small donation which will be used to continue the ministry. Please let Sister Maryann or Father Peter know if you wish us to make arrangements for the brunch and how many people will attend.

Following is a summary of the major elements of the Funeral mass where family participation and choice is possible:

  1. Pall bearers
  2. Placing of the Funeral Pall
  3. Placing of the Cross
  4. Gathering Song
  5. Old Testament reading
  6. New Testament reading
  7. General intercessions (Prayer of the Faithful)
  8. Song at Preparation
  9. Presentation of the gifts
  10. Family/friends as Eucharistic Ministers
  11. Song at Communion
  12. Eulogy (optional)
  13. Song of Farewell
  14. Closing Hymn

Saint Aloysius Funeral Planning Checklist

The below linked website offers a checklist form of planning guide that may also be helpful:

Create a checklist

Following is the recently released guidance from the Vatican on the proper respect for cremains: