Outreach Coordinator

FullSizeRender(18)Our Parish Outreach Coordinator is Sister Maryann Kolb, SSJ, 716-833-1715




PASTORAL CARE OF THE SICK: At the beginning of March, Sister Maryann updated our lists of parishioners who reside in health care facilities and those parishioners who are homebound. To the best of our knowledge, there are 37 parishioners residing in health care facilities. There are 13 parishioners who can be described as “homebound”. Sister Maryann and those who minister with her are amazingly dedicated to visiting these parishioners and bringing them the Eucharist and the prayers and love of the larger community of St. Al’s’. It is certainly possible that some parishioners are homebound or living in a health facility and we do not know of their pastoral needs or health care situation or even where they live. If you have a family member or friend, or if you know of a parishioner who is not regularly visited by Sister Maryann, a Eucharistic Minister or Father Peter, please call the rectory or speak with Sister Maryann or Father Peter. It would be our joy and privilege to bring the Eucharist to all our parishioners with special health or pastoral needs. Parish Leadership knows very well that the pastoral needs of our parishioners change quickly – so we need to rely on your help in keeping up-to-date on these changing needs. Finally, once again, a word of gratitude to Sister Maryann and those who serve with her for their pastoral care of all our parishioners with special needs.