From Msgr. Popadick

July 14, 2019

WORDS OF SPECIAL THANKS – SUMMERFEST: Summerfest 2019 was a huge success because it brought together parishioners, neighbors, friends, graduates of our school and total strangers for a wonderful afternoon of eating, winning, admiring, making new friends and welcoming summer. It was a beautiful afternoon and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Sister Dorothy Feltz won Dinner With the Pastor. Bill Popadick, Father Peter’s brother from California, won the top prize in the money drawing. So many people went home with smiles on their faces because they won one or more Theme Baskets. And no one went home with an empty stomach because our rib dinners were “Sold Out!” and our chicken dinners almost the same. A word of gratitude first of all to our faithful parishioners and friends of St. Al’s who support Summerfest each year assuring its success. To the women of our parish who spent countless hours creating the fantastic Theme Baskets. To all our Artists and Crafters who added so much to our celebration. To Steve and Betty and the Kitchen Crew who made sure no one went home hungry. Our Baked Goods Booth was as usual, empty by the end of the day. To all who grilled the burgers, staffed a booth, helped set up or take down, donated gifts, helped people find “buried treasures” at the Garage Sale, counted the money under the guidance of Frank – to all who helped make the day so successful, a big THANK YOU! And of course to Ron and Cookie for pulling it all together and motivating us to work even harder for the good of our parish. As soon as our Summerfest Treasurer has paid all the bills a complete financial profile will be given to all parishioners.

WHO WE ARE: As many of you know, a small group of parishioners has been meeting regularly with Father Peter to up-date our Parish Census Lists. The goal of this Census Up-date is the desire to serve the people of St. Al’s better. Bottom line: the more we know about who we are as a parish and what the spiritual and pastoral needs of our people are, the better Parish Leadership and Parish Ministers will be able to serve you. It would be very helpful to the Census Committee if there are any changes/errors/new information that need to be brought to the attention of your Parish Leadership that you fill out the Form below and make sure it reaches the Rectory in an appropriate way: mail, collection basket, personal visit. Again by knowing who we are, we will be able to serve God and each other even more effectively. Thanks for your cooperation.

WORD OF LIFE: “The purpose of freedom is that we might be servants of one another. Life in the Spirit is always oriented toward love and service of others.” – the Catholic Bishops of the United States