EASTER GREETINGS DELIVERY: Sister Maryann wishes to inform us that our Easter Greetings Bags – prayers, flowers, treats – will be delivered to our parishioners who are home-bound or residing in health care facilities on Tuesday, April 16th, beginning after the 8:30AM Mass. As usual, Sister would appreciate the help of our parishioners in delivering these Easter Bags. Please call the rectory or speak with Sister Maryann personally if you are able to help. It is interesting to note that last Thursday evening at our Lenten Adult Faith Formation Program, this ministry became a part of our discussion and reflection. Some people present said it is not a matter of delivering the bags and getting it over as quickly as possible. They commented that it is really the gift of our presence that we bring with the gift bag. Because of this, those delivering the bags should spend time visiting and even offer to pray with the visited parishioner.