Thu – Book Club


Our Catholic Book Discussion Group will meet this Thursday, April 25, at 7PM in the rectory. Our discussion will center on Chapter 4, “Signs of Holiness in Today’s World” (paragraphs 110-157) of Pope Francis’ Apostolic Exhortation, Rejoice and Be Glad. Pope Francis wrote this Exhortation to remind all believes that they are called to holiness and that it is possible for all of us to be holy, to be “saints”. In Chapter 4, Pope Francis reminds us that God is with us and he opens our eyes to the many and different ways God enters our lives and makes of us “a holy people”. This is an amazingly beautiful chapter of the book! All are invited to participate even if you have not been to previous discussions. A Discussion Outline will be available in the rectory and in the Trautenberg Library. Join us this Thursday evening – and bring a friend!