CHRISTMAS OUTREACH MINISTRY – VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: Having just completed our Thanksgiving Outreach to our needy sisters and brothers, Sister Maryann now turns her mind and heart to the needy as we celebrate Christmas. This Christmas through our Food Pantry and our Outreach Ministry the community of St. Aloysius Gonzaga and Friends will provide the ingredients for a Christmas Dinner to about 75 families. Additionally our Christmas Ministry will provide toys and gifts to 103 children. Christmas Gift Bags will also be hand delivered to 49 parishioners who are homebound or reside in a health care facility. What an amazing record of service! The Giving Tree is already in place in our church. If you take an ornament, please return your unwrapped gift to the Church as soon as possible. The sooner your gift arrives the easier it makes it for Sister Maryann and all her helpers. Sister Maryann could use your help on the following dates: – Monday, December 17, immediately after 8:30AM Mass: bagging of groceries and bagging of Christmas toys; – Wednesday, December 19, 1:00 to 3:00PM: pick up of groceries and toys; – Thursday, December 20, immediately after 8:30AM Mass: delivery of Christmas Gifts to homebound and parishioners residing in health care facilities. Volunteers are needed on each of these days. If your schedule allows you to lend a helping-hand, please speak to Sister Maryann personally or call the rectory and leave your name and phone number. Our Thanksgiving and Christmas Ministries are a wonderful testimony to our ability to see Christ in all our sisters and brothers. Sister Maryann is most grateful to all who donate and volunteer to make Christmas a time when, through our kindness and generosity, Christ is born again in the hearts of all who believe.