September 25, 2016

It is a joy to have our St. Aloysius Choir back with us after the summer break – and our organist and choir director, Lee Peters, back with us after his hip surgery – both helping to make our Liturgies prayerful and joyful. Our Choir is always looking for new members. If you love the Sacred Liturgy, want to put your gifts and talents at the service of the wider community and appreciate the importance of music and song at our Masses, you may wish to think about joining our Parish Choir. Rehearsals are usually on Wednesday evenings, beginning around 7PM. The Choir leads the congregation in song at the 11AM Sunday Mass. For more information on our Choir you may speak with Lee Peters (207-0430), talk with a member of the Choir or contact the rectory. Remember: the one who sings, prays twice.


Enjoy these beautiful songs from our recent Advent Lessons and Carols evening of December 14, 2014.




August 31, 2014

Our Parish Choir will be resuming their ministry now that the summer break is over. There is always a need for new members for the Choir – women and men who wish to enhance the prayerfulness and beauty of our Liturgies through music and song. Beside the gift of voice, if anyone (especially, our high school students) plays a musical instrument, that gift would be most welcomed by our Music Ministry. Rehearsals are held once a week. The Choir leads us in song and prayer at the 11AM Sunday Mass. You don’t have to sing as well as Father Peter or play an instrument flawlessly – all you need is bring a love for the Mass and a desire to serve the community of St. Al’s and those who worship with us from other parishes, to our Choir Family. Just give Lee Peters (631-9829), our Choir Director, or the rectory a call for more information.


The nature of a Choir is that they are usually performing while their listening audience has their backs turned to them. Here is your chance to see our Choir in action, as only Father Peter usually sees them.

Enjoy these beautiful hymns sung on Ash Wednesday, 2014 by the St. Aloysius Choir.



As we prepare to enter into Lent, celebrate Holy Week and anticipate the great Feast of Easter, our Parish Choir is looking for “temporary Members” – parishioners and friends who may not be able to participate in the Choir all year long but would be able to be a part of the Choir for Lent, Holy Week and Easter. Our Choir, Cantors and Organist do so much to enhance the prayerfulness and beauty of the Sacred Liturgy here at St. Al’s. A few more members – especially, male voices – would add so much to make our Lenten Journey a time of true renewal and change of heart for all of us. The rehearsals are limited. You participate at Mass anyways – but as a member of the Choir you take on a new ministry – that of helping the entire congregation lift minds and hearts to God through music and song.
Give it some careful, prayerful thought. Would it be possible for you to be a “temporary member” of our Choir this Lent, Holy Week and Easter? Your ministry – male and female, young and old – would be a welcomed gift to our parish family. And, who knows, you might enjoy the ministry so much that your “temporary” status becomes “permanent”.


It is a joy to have our St. Al’s Choir leading us in joyful praise of God during our Liturgies after the long summer break. Deep gratitude to Lee Peters, our Organist and Choir Director, for his commitment to enhance the prayerfulness of our Worship Experiences… and deep gratitude to all the members of our Choir who are so generous with their time and talent and faith to help all of us pray better, especially during the Sunday 11AM Liturgy. There is a need to also thank our Cantors who do so much to lead us in raising our voices to God in thankful praise. Remember: the person who sings, prays twice! Our Choir is always looking for new members. Rehearsals usually take place on Wednesday evenings. If interested in learning more about the Choir, call Lee Peters (631-9829) or the rectory. Also, if anyone has the gift of playing a musical instrument, that gift would be most welcomed at our Sunday Liturgies. Brass, drums, strings – all would be such a welcomed addition to our musical repertory. There is also some movement to create a Youth Choir that would be wonderful during our Masses with the Children’s Liturgy of the Word. The Church has clearly called for the full and active participation at Mass of all the faithful. Pick up the Hymn Book. Use the cards with the new translation of the Mass. Enhance the prayerfulness and beauty of our Masses by participating fully and actively – singing joyfully, praying fervently, listening attentively. The Eucharist is the Center of our life here at St. Aloysius Gonzaga. When parishioners and welcomed guests from other parish families gather at the Table of the Lord – by the way we sing and pray and celebrate – we show that we are followers of Jesus Christ.

Lee Peters and Lindsay MacKay on the Feast of the Solemnity of Mary: