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Chapter 32 of Dr. Scott Hahn’s book, Signs of Life, is entitled “the Presence of God”. Going to biblical roots, Dr. Hahn writes about the temple of Jerusalem as the place that the Jewish people discovered the Presence of God. He writes about St. Paul’s understanding of the temple made of living stones. He asks his readers: Where do you discover the Presence of God? How do you share God’s presence with others? When are you most aware that God is with you? Fantastic questions that are guaranteed to spark much sharing and reflection! So why not join us for our next Catholic Book Discussion Group on Thursday, January 25th, at 7PM in the rectory? Besides reflecting on the Presence of God, participants will also discuss two other Catholic practices: pilgrimages to sacred places and almsgiving to the poor. All are invited. Usually a discussion outline is available a few days before the meeting. Join us as an ‘active listener” or as an “active speaker”. If you adopted as one of your New Year’s Resolutions” to grow in your knowledge and understanding of your Catholic Faith, participating in our Catholic Book Discussion Group is a great place to start living that resolution.


Signs of Life Study Questions #7

Signs of Life Study Questions #6

Signs of Life Study Questions #5

Signs of Life Study Questions #4

Signs of Life Study Questions #3

Scott Hahn – Signs of Life #2

Scott Hahn – Signs of Life #2

Scott Hahn – Signs of Life #1




October 23, 2016

While our Catholic Book Discussion group finished the book, Beautiful Mercy, the real “work” now begins – living the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy every day whether convenient or inconvenient. The Jubilee Year of Mercy is rapidly coming to a close – but living lives of Mercy and Compassion goes on for all of us. Our Book Discussion will resume in January. Members are looking for a specific book or theme to read. If anyone has any ideas, please share them with a member of the Discussion Group or speak with Father Peter.


Following are the study outlines we used with “Beautiful Mercy”.

Introduction study questions

Ch 2 & 3 study questions

Ch 4 & 5 study questions

Ch 6 & 7 study questions

CH 8&9 PAGE 1, CH 8&9 PAGE 2




Following are the study outlines we used with “The Jesuit Guide To Almost Everything”.

Chapter 14 study questions

Chapter 13 study questions

Chapter 12 study questions

Chapter 11 study questions

Chapter 10 study questions

Chapter 9 study questions

Chapter 8 study questions

Chapter 7 study questions

Chapter 6 study questions

Chapter 5 study questions

Chapter 4 study questions

Chapter 3 study questions

Chapter 2 study questions

Chapter 1 study questions


Following are the study outlines we used with “My Life with the Saints”.

Summary study questions

Ugandan Martyrs study questions

Mary study question

St. Francis study questions

St. Thomas Aquinas study questions

St. Peter study questions

Dorothy Day study questions

Mother Teresa study questions

Pope St. John XXIII study questions

St. Aloysius study questions

St. Bernadette study questions

St. Joan of Arc study questions

St. Joseph study questions

St. Therese study questions

Thomas Merton study questions